The allure of a beautiful fragrance is so much more complex than just a pleasant smell; Scent can transform moods, alter perceptions and create mystique. But to many people the world of fragrance remains complex and confusing. Read on to decode the scent basics everyone should know. We will also give you some secret tips to perfecting your fragrance ritual.


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  • What’s in a perfume?

    All perfume is developed from fragrance concentrate, which is a blend of natural oils and aroma compounds, paired with a mix of alcohol and water. However not all scents have the same strength, which will affect how intense and complex a fragrance smells and also how long it lasts. In the fragrance world, scents are defined according to their strength, with Eau Légère being the weakest concentration (4% or less), followed by Eau de Cologne (4-6 %), Eau de Toilette (7-12%) and Eau de Perfum (12-20%). Parfum/extrait, which has a minimum concentration rate of 20%, is the highest purity and is the quintessence of a fragrance. It can go up to 40% concentration.

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  • Is the smell of an Eau de Toilette (EDT) the same as an Eau de Perfum (EDP)?

    Though EDT and EDP are from the same ‘scent family’, an Eau de Toilette is much ‘lighter’ than an Eau de Perfum of the same fragrance. The difference between the two is in the concentration of the scent and also the combination of scent notes. The perfumer will often select different ingredients to create different effects but will always try to keep the link between both of the fragrances.

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  • Why does my fragrance change over time?

     A fragrance is ephemeral, it contains different ‘notes’ that will reveal themselves over time. When it’s initially sprayed, the first impression will be the top notes but this scent fades after a few minutes giving way to the core of the fragrance, or heart notes. After a few hours these notes will finally vanish and be replaced by the ‘signature’ of the fragrance, known as the base notes.

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  • Is it true that some people’s skin can’t hold a fragrance?

    All skin can ‘hold’ a fragrance; you just need to find the perfect fragrance match for your skin.

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  • How can I make my fragrance last longer on my skin?

    One way you can make your fragrance last longer, is to perfect "the art of layering"; embrace a three step fragrance ritual to create a sophisticated and unique fragrance which scents you from head to toe. The epitome of luxury and elegance.

three step fragrance ritual


Cleanse & Refresh


Soothe & Soften


The finishing touch


The Empress Gesture

Every Modern Empress simply must apply their fragrance like one. First, apply a spritz to the pulse points on your wrist, to replicate your “bracelet”. Then, do the same on your collar bones, in the motion of a “necklace”. Don’t forget the finishing touch; spritz on your “crown”, in a circular motion around your head. No Empress can leave her palace each morning without her best jewellery!