In 1862, the visionary entrepreneurs, French brothers-in-law Armand Roger and Charles Gallet, decided to create ROGER&GALLET. They opened a store the heart of Paris; the City of Light. Today the brand still draws inspiration from this heritage.
The first "Boutique du Bonheur " is on the prestigious Rue Saint Honoré in Paris. The store feels much like a luxurious French apartment; it is a place where the discovering products is a real experience and a moment of true happiness!
Special delivery by car for VIP clients


The ROGER&GALLET signature style is 'avante-garde tradition'. Through their innovative, luxury products, ROGER&GALLET have created a unique and exceptional world of scents, beauty products and fragrances.

ROGER&GALLET has invented hundreds of products:
- Traditional cauldron-milled, scented, round soaps
- Dental care products
- Facial care including moisturiser containing almond oil and beauty vinegars.
- Makeup and cover-up
- Hair-care including hair lotions and the first hair gel called Tenax
- Lip-care including Rosat ointment the ancestor of lip balm.
Wearing Jean-Marie Farina Eau De Cologne, with its unique lemony freshness, is very distinctive. Many manufacturers have tried to copy the original Eau de Cologne, without succeeding. Its iconic Emery bottle is still handmade.
1727 : The original formula was patented by the Faculty of Medicine for its numerous benefits
The Jean Marie Farina Eau de Cologne was developed from the original formula for Aqua Mirabilis. In the times before daily bathing was the norm, its zingy, fresh citrus scent was used to scent the body. Thanks to its fresh, sophisticated fragrance Jean Marie Farina remains popular to this day.
The extraordinary tonic Aqua Mirabilis, was developed at the end of the 13th century. It was manufactured by distilling 18 officinal plants, all grown in Jardins des Simples, or herb gardens. Aqua Mirabilis was a remedy that could be drunk and applied to the body.


The Cologne Jean Maria Farina was developed from Aqua Mirabilis, and is the iconic founding product of ROGER&GALLET. Check out its amazing story…

The Cologne Jean Maria Farina was developed from Aqua Mirabilis, and is the iconic founding product of ROGER&GALLET. Check out its amazing story…
Originally, ingredients were heated and their distilled essences were obtained through steam. Today the art of distillation is finding the perfect alchemy between the fluid (pure water, alcohol and gas), temperature and the pressure suitable for extracting the essence of each ingredient. With this specialist knowledge, we obtain the purest quality for our natural essences.
Each of our fragrances, soaps and beauty products are enriched with precious distilled essences, all selected for their unique properties as well as for their sophisitcated and delicate fragrances.


ROGER&GALLET mastered the art of distillation to obtain pure, precious ingredients which are both natural and active.

Explore our beauty rituals to discover all of our precious, distilled essences
Today we offer a complete collection of beauty rituals enriched with our distilled essences. Try them, mix them, and enjoy a pure moment of happiness.
The Bois d'Orange beauty ritual
The Rêve Fleuri beauty Ritual
The Efflora beauty Ritual


The art of layering creates sophisticated and unique fragrances which scent from head to toe. The epitome of luxury and elegance

Today authentic ROGER&GALLET soaps still come in their original packaging; sealed with the house seal, wrapped in a pleated, silk-paper and presented in a stylish box. A fragrance which lasts, as well as being environmentally friendly and economical. The soap's 100% vegetable base makes it fully biodegradable. Our 100g soap lasts for one hundred showers. Our easy-to-use round bar is suitable for all skin types.
A sample box from 1879 with three scented New Grass soaps
The round soap is still made traditionally using the 'cauldron' method first mentioned in 1907 by master soap-maker Merkien Marseilles. The method ensures the ultra- smooth texture of the soap and requires four key steps and around 80 hours production time to make each soap.


In 1879, ROGER&GALLET introduced the first round soap which allowed for a better grip and remained perfumed throughout. The soaps still come in their original packaging and are manufactured using the secret traditional cauldron recipe. The soap is made from natural ingredients.

1879: the first travel soap box. Now you could take your precious soap everywhere!
All our fragrances are designed by French master perfumers. Our bottles are created by great French designers and our boxes are decorated with bespoke illustrations.
Collaboration with Baccarat. The most famous glassware designer in the world has come to embody French excellence.
1923 - 'The Jade': an artistic collaboration with revolutionary artist René Lalique. Both admired and seen as eccentric, René Lalique's designs became a huge craze in the European courts as well as artistic and industrial circles worldwide. A master glassmaker, he created sublime and precious bottles for ROGER&GALLET's fragrances.
All our products are made ​​in France


The firm has become world renowned for introducing the 'art de vivre' in Paris. All our fragrances are designed by French master perfumers, our bottles are created by great French designers and our boxes are decorated with bespoke illustrations.

Napoleon 1st was one of the most loyal consumers of Jean Maria Farina Eau de Cologne
Napoleon was a huge fan of Jean Maria Farina Eau de Cologne. Jean Marie Farina created special elongated circular vials which Napoleon could carry around with him in his boots at all times.
1809 Supplier to Napoleon 1st
1809 Supplier to Napoleon's sister, Pauline Bonaparte
1814 supplier to the King of Prussia
1826 Official Supplier of King George IV of England
1835 Official Supplier of King Louis Philippe Of France
1840 Official Supplier of H. M. Queen Victoria of England
1841 Official Supplier of H. M. Queen Louise of Belgium (daughter of King Louis Philippe)
1864 Supplier to French Emperor Napoleon III
1864 Patent renewed to H. M. Queen Victoria of England
1936 Official Supplier H.M. King George VI of England
Until 2000, official supplier of H. M. Queen Elizabeth II of England


For over 150 years we have been developing timeless products with particular attention to detail and excellence. We have remained the official supplier of countless royal courts.

Official document from the Emperor Napoleon III to ROGER&GALLET on December 19, 1864
All of our fragrance bottles are made with 25% recycled glass.
All of our boxes are made in France with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper. The paper and wood is sourced in environmentally responsible ways.
All ROGER&GALLET's beauty products combine efficacy and pleasure with an incredibly soft finish. They are composed of 95% natural ingredients without parabens, silicones, dyes or mineral oils.


Nature is at the heart of every product with up to 95% natural ingredients. All products contain 100% distilled precious essences whose numerous properties have been proven through time.